Our Philosophy on Creativity

“Nurture you creative freedom.
Be brave, wild, and daring.
Detach from fear or hesitation,
And always arrive with self-compassion.”
– Crimson Cricket

Hassle-free art journals

Our journals have:

  • Sturdy pages that can handle layers of paint, collage and all types of mixed media
  • Pages that lay flat easily so that you can cover then entire surface
  • Blank covers you can customize with your own work
  • Our Interactive Art Journals offer an exciting and dynamic approach to creating your spreads.

More information on our Interactive Art Journals

Why we call our journals interactive

We call this journal interactive because each page is a series of  work surfaces that are bound together, to unfold to reveal your work.  There are also pockets between some of the pages to hold tags, photos, and whatever you like.

Why this makes our journal so exciting is that it allows you to create spreads in a series of stages. You can use the layout of the page to decide what parts of your spread are initially revealed and what parts are revealed when you unfold the other surfaces.

You can also choose to create a spread around a common theme on all surfaces of a page like chapters in a book, or create one large spread that spans over all the page’s work surfaces.

More information on Interactive Art Journaling


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