High quality materials result in a better creative experience

Spend your time creating art

It’s true that you can make any  book into a functional art journal.  Any book will suffice if you are willing to take the time and effort to alter it.  But even still, you need to be prepared to make some compromises in what materials you can use on your journal pages.

We believe that your time could be better spent making art.

If you start with a high quality art journal, designed to be an art journal, you are going to have more time to create your art, unlimited ability to explore multiple mediums, and an improved experience overall.

Our art journals are designed specifically to be an art journal

Some of the features include:

  • pages that accept all types of media including watercolor, ink, pencil, and paint without having to glue pages together
  • a durable binding that is flexible enough to allow each page to lay flat for full coverage
  • interactivity

A Fresh Approach to Art Journaling

Creating a spread in an art journal has been restricted to one page. If you want to add any interactive components you  create your work on a separate tag or page and then come up with a way to attach them to your page spread.

With our interactive art journal each page is a series of work surfaces that unfold to reveal other work surfaces.  (Click here to see a video example.)

The interactivity of our art journal allows you to move from the one page spread to being able to create dynamic and dimensional spreads.  We call it “Art Journaling in Series”.

“Art Journaling in Series”

Like chapters in a book, the artist can unfold their story in stages.   Each work surface to a page in our interactive art journal can be used to continue a narrative.

The concept is intentionally simple and with little instruction.  Pick a theme, mood, quote, color, shape (or anything you wish to explore), and use it as the prompt for every spread you create on all of the work surfaces of the selected page.

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Crimson Cricket Handmade Journals

As artists ourselves, our art journals are made with the needs of the art journaler in mind.  Each design decision is made to improve the artist’s experience and ease of use.

As well as providing high quality art journals, we are providing a new and dynamic approach to art journaling.

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