A New Approach in Art Journaling

Cathy and I had a great meeting yesterday. From the meeting we came up with some really exciting ideas that will change the way you might approach art journaling.

With Crimson Cricket’s “Interactive Art Journals” you are not limited to create your journal spread on a single page, but now you can tell your story in chapters. It is a multidimensional approach to art journaling. #artjournalinginseries.

This multidimensional journal approach allows you to use any of your favorite methods and techniques you have already acquired. In fact there are very few rules or limitations to our approach, we are simply offering a new way to create.

The subject or prompt that you choose to use is up to you too. You can choose to journal around a quote or feeling. You can choose to create a spread where the chapters follow the same theme, such as using the same color palette or mood.

In the next few weeks, we will be posting videos and tutorials on multidimensional art journaling. I have a new Interactive Art Journal that I will be working out of so that I can create examples and inspiration.

Have  a great week!

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