Artists Behind Crimson Cricket

Cathy Sylvester

Journals have always been my joy. I love to write and make art, and I love to make journals that others can enjoy.

When I was a young girl, my mom would have me sit on the front porch, each summer day, and teach me embroidery, drawing, or some other art.  Sometimes as a young girl it was hard to sit for an hour while my friends were playing. Today, I am glad for the lessons I learned.  I am very thankful.

The first journal I ever made,  I made as a young girl.  It was a gift. I enjoyed so much watching the receiver’s face light up when they opened my heartfelt gift.

I have a strong belief that gifts are from the heart.  And my art is very much in my heart.

Journals are now my main focus. I started Crimson Cricket to showcase my art, and to connect with fellow artists. Crimson Cricket was formed in 2010. It has been my dream to turn my life’s passion into a business where I can share my gifts with the world.

Leisanne Sylvester-Jarvis

I’m a craft junkie.  I make felted flowers from wool roving, polymer clay sculptures, and mini microscope paintings.

My art journal is a place to explore my ideas and to practice new techniques. Sometimes I use my journal as a place to sort out my emotions, but I do so by painting over my words in gesso, or using symbolism that I only know the meaning.