Art Journaling in Series

In Series

Creating a spread in an art journal has been restricted to one page. If you want to add any interactive components you must create your work on a separate tag or page, and them come up with a way to attach them to your page spread.

With our interactive art journals, each page is a series of work surfaces that unfold to reveal other work surfaces.  The interactivity of our art journals allows you to move from the one page spread to being able to create dynamic and dimensional spreads.  We call it “Art Journaling in Series”.

Your life isn’t one dimensional, and your art journal shouldn’t be either

Like chapters in a book, the artist can unfold their story in stages.   Each work surface to a page in our interactive art journal can be used to continue a narrative.

The concept is intentionally simple and with little instruction.  Pick a theme, mood, quote, color, shape (or anything you wish to explore), and use it as the prompt for every spread you create on all of the work surfaces of the selected page.

With this first example, my inspiration was the verse “April showers bring May flowers”.  I used the series of work surfaces to illustrate the verse.

For this example, I applied the same doodle method to each segment of the series.  The use of the same type of drawing is what makes it a series. You could do the same with any media type you choose to create with.

What makes this last example a series is that I painted the same background for each work surface.  Even though the subject matter for the series varies greatly, and without an explicit connection, the series still works because I chose to stay with the same primary and secondary color scheme.