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What colors symbolize and what they say about your personality

Hello.  I decided to dive into color meaning for this week’s post.

The past few months I have become aware of patterns and consistencies in my art.  When I am creating a background I use a lot of blue. It seems to be my go-to color.  I didn’t realize that I was doing it, but I’m partial to blues and purples. 

In my research about content management and marketing strategy, I have read in a couple of articles that images with prominent blue hues get greater engagement then other images.  I had to ask, why?  What does blue represent that makes us more drawn to blue than other colors?  What about other colors?

So I started researching the meaning of color. Most of the studies are more anecdotal.  Plus the effect of color is very personal. How I react to a color may be completely different than your reaction.  As well as being personal, how we percieve the meaning of color depends on your culture too. For example, in western societies the color white symbolizes light and purity.  But in eastern societies white symbolizes what we would associate with the color black.  White represents mourning and death.  

What follows is a brief summary of the most popular colors and their meaning in Western culture. I’m also including what your favorite color says about your personality.


red abstract painting


Color Meaning: Passion and Energy

Red is the color of passion and energy.  It is known to simulate physiological effects such as increasing blood pressure and increasing appetite.  

Guests in a red room are more likely to engage with one another and to feel more social.  

Red also grabs our attention and makes us react.  Consider a stop sign for example.  

Personality: Outgoing and ambitious

If red is your favorite color, you are full of vitality and have a zest for life.  You flourish in social settings and you strive for success.  

The drawbacks of a red personality are that you can be abrupt, and aggressive.  You also can’t stand monotony.    


Color Meaning: Cheerful and Uplifting

Yellow is the color of the sun, and so therefor it is considered a very cheerful and uplifting color.  It is associated with youth and energy.

Yellow is most associated with food. It stimulates mental activity, but it can also create anxiety.

Personality: Passion to Learn and Explore

If yellow is your favorite color, you are the type to continue to learn new skills and to explore your world.  You have an adventurous spirit and handle problems with a common-sense approach.  People with yellow personalities have a great sense of humor too.

Orange abstract painting


Color Meaning: Warmth and Happiness

Orange is made by combining red and yellow.  As a result, orange is a blend of passion (red) and cheerfulness (yellow).

Orange is the most creative color and it symbolizes enthusiasm and adventure.  

Orange is known to increase oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate mental activity.

Personality: Social and Lively

If orange is your favorite color you are the type of person who tends to be flamboyant and fun-loving.

You are good-natured and popular.  But you can be a bit dramatic at times too.

purple abstract painting


Color Meaning: Imagination and Spirituality

Purple is a color closely associated with power, nobility, and ambition.  Most of all It is the regal color of royalty and it also symbolizes creativity, mystery, and magic.

Purple can also denote spirituality and inner-reflection.

Personality: Artistic and Unique

If purple is your favorite color, you would rather march to the beat of your own drum. You are also witty and sensitive.  People are drawn to your individuality. 

pink abstract painting


Color Meaning: Feminine and Romantic

Pink symbolizes love and affection.  It is soft and understated.  Pink also symbolizes compassion, nurturing and love.

Personality: Charming and Gentle

If pink is your favorite color, you are compassionate and maternal.  You place the needs of others before your own and you care deeply.  

green abstract painting


Color Meaning: Harmony and Stability

Green is the color closely associated with nature.  It is also the most restful color to the human eye and it restores energy.  

Green symbolizes balance, freshness and rebirth.

Personality: Gentle and Sincere

If green is your favorite color, you are the type of person who will appease for the sake of keeping the peace.  You are affectionate and loyal.  Green personalities put their community first.

blue abstract painting


Color Meaning: Wisdom and Trust

Blue is the color of the sea and sky. Because of this it cultivates feelings of calm and assurance.  Blue symbolizes trust, honesty, and loyalty.

Blue is considered beneficial to the mind because of it’s calming nature.  It can also slow your metabolism and put you in a relaxed state.

Personality: Faithful and Reliable

If blue is your favorite color, you are a person who loves balance in your life.  You are a reliable and considerate person.  Blue personalities are care-givers.

black and white abstract painting


Color Meaning: Powerful and Mysterious

Black is the color most associated with power and strength.  As well as being powerful, it is a grounding color.  When it is used in art it anchors the piece.  

Black can have a negative connotation.  It is also associated with darkness and evil.  In western society, black symbolizes death and mourning.

Personality: Artistic and Dignified

If black is your favorite color, it means that you’re an artistic and sensitive soul.  You conduct yourself in a dignified manner without being boastful.


Color Meaning: Purity and Cleanliness

In western society white is associated with purity and cleanliness.  White represents life, light, and good.  White’s angelic association fosters feelings of safety and serenity.

Personality: Logical and Pursuit of Perfection

If white is your favorite color, you are organized and logical.  You don’t like clutter, and you strive for perfection.  


I would love to hear your opinions on color psychology.  

What is your favorite color?  

How do you feel when you are surrounded by a certain color? Do you have a different reaction?  

Share in a comment and keep the conversation going.



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