A Very Close Call In The Pond.

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Mr. Cricket washing down the sides, very mucky.

IMG_1278 IMG_1277

It really was this nasty.  Lots of work to be done.

Spring has officially sprung, so our first plan was to clean out the fish pond.  We have a rather large pond and quite a few fish.  It was a hot sunny Monday, and we set to work at 8:30 AM.  We put the fish into large buckets.  The day wore on and soon our fish were in trouble.  They were running out of air.  Three of our large Koi were in serious trouble.  They were gasping and could not swim upright.  We immediately started to fill the pond and to put the fish in. I put the Koi in the water and they sunk.  They could not swim and they were not moving.  I held them in the shallow water.  Their tummies were resting on the bottom and I lined the three of them up and kept them up with my feet acting as bookends.  I stroked them and talked to them and wiggled them a little bit.  After about an hour of this, they started to perk up a bit.  I kept holding them upright and the other fish would swim over and get close to me and to my patients.  In about another half an hour they were able to swim away from me into the deep end.  It was a scary time.  All during my care giving, it was cold and raining as by then it was 8 PM.  We have raised these fish from very small 2 inch fish.  What a gift it was to me to be able to hold them, and say a prayer, and see a happy result.

IMG_1293 IMG_1291

Here are a few shots of my patients.  They are happy in their clean pond.

3D Flowers

I have been struggling trying to learn a method to make 3D flowers with my Cricut.  I am still to get a great flower but I am getting a little better at it.  I like the little roses and I think I will use them on a card and see how they work. They are a little more difficult than I anticipated.  And I am always up for a challenge.

setThese are the best of the crop so far.  I am also making little faces with paper clay.  I am using Inka Gold to cover the face and in the purple and pink flower I coloured a face purple and placed it in the centre.

purpleHere are the roses.  I like them the best and the size is great for what I am working on.

rose2 rose1pinl asterAnd lastly my pink Aster.  I like this flower and might make some more to go on a card with the roses.  Who knows.

See ya later.

A Wedding

Last Saturday we had a wedding in our family.  Our youngest daughter Louise married Christopher Murphy.  It was a beautiful wedding.  During a delicious catered meal we sat around a big table and talked and relaxed.  It was so calm.  We talked as if we were around the family dinner table.  We laughed and shared.  What wonderful feelings and memories we will keep in our hearts.
Louise smileThe beautiful bride.  Louise has overcome a lot in her life. Now she has a soulmate who loves her dearly and takes such wonderful care of her.  I am so proud of them both.

SigningSigning the register.

marriage certReady to face the world

wedding cake before oopsThe cake.  This was such a beautiful cake, but it met an unfortunate accident.  While being brought to the reception the cake slid against the van door and got a little upset.  The designer of the cake was so upset.  But to no avail.  The cake was cut and eaten and enjoyed.  It was a lemon, gluten free layer cake.  Absolutely delicious.

IMG_1226 (2)Here is the creator of the cake  Jennifer Caldwell  (see the cake on her pant leg) from     Friendly Fare Wellness & Nutrition.   Check out the link for all the yummy details. It would be worth your visit.

A Graduation and A Quilt

Hi:  June has been a very busy month.  My youngest girl graduated from college,  I have been busy quilting and we had an impromptu wedding at our home last night.What fun.


This is Louise.  She graduated on the Deans List from the Disability Worker Program.  We are so proud of her, her hard work, and all that she has been through in life.

louise-grad1I think the smile says it all.  It was a long haul, but finished and darn proud of herself. And she should be.

sheep-quiltHere is quilt #2 for June.  Counting Sheep I call it.  It is really cute and the mom to be loved it too.


The lovely couple.  Last night we had a wedding on our deck.  Flora and Cam decided to marry and we were glad to host the event.  It was a lovely evening, lots of smiles and lots of fun.Wedding-deckAnd here is the deck all decked out!  My husband and a friend Pat, put together the decorations.  They borrowed pots of flowers from the neighbours, and lawn chairs.  What a success.

booksAs I have been thinking of how busy I tend to get, I noticed a pile of books sitting on the desk in my room.  This pile says a lot about me.  On the bottom is my journal, for daily notes, above that a magazine, above that two reference books I use in my study of the scriptures.  In between those reference books is a travel brochure.  On top of the references books are two art books I have been reading. And on top of it all my iPad.  I never leave home without it.  I am so glad to have all of these books and many many more in my life.

Oh, I love summer

Abby 1Even Abby is enjoying the warm weather.  When we go out in the backyard we often take the cats and let them run around for a bit.  Abby always enjoys the plants and just laying around.  She says she is hunting.  And sometimes she does catch a mole or dream of catching a fish or a bird.  We are enjoying the weather.  Today our new driveway is beginning to take shape and my harp friends are coming over for a session.  Lots to do. There are many flowers and beautiful sites in the yard this time of the year.




I love the flowers.  They are so fresh and pretty before the heat of the summer hits.  They are beautiful all summer but this first bloom is so wonderful.  Perhaps a freeing from the cold winter, that really was a long winter this year.  It would be nice if we had an equally long summer.

Frog yellow


frog1The frogs are back.  Last year about mid summer they left.  Last Saturday we saw them and last evening we heard them talking back and forth.  It is a beautiful sound and site.



first lillyAnd of course I always get excited when the first lily blooms.  I love my backyard walks.  You should come and join me if you would like.

Summer Has Finally Appeared

I was getting worried.  And a little discouraged that we were having such cold rainy weather.  Last fall we had our driveway dug up and we have lived with mud ever since.  Soon it will be replaced but we needed some warm dry weather.  What a mess it has been.

We have been busy working in the garden.  I have neglected the gardens around our fish pond, for a couple of years.  This year I have been working hard to clean it up.  Lots of work there.  But I think I am winning.  I should have taken some photos of before and after.  I forgot.  But I will take the after shots when it is finished.  Mr. Cricket is putting up a white fence around the ends of the pond.  It is going to look great for the summer.

I have been quilting.  Finally.  I am in the process of making three quilts.  I have three showers to go to. The quilt ended up about 56X52 inches.  blog-quilt




Here is a close up of the quilting.  I just scribble all over the quilt.  I am a little heavy handed with quilting but that is the way I like it.



I added a label for mom and dad to remember.blog-tulip

A tulip a friend gave me for Mothers Day.  It was so beautiful when it opened.