A Haircut and fun

Here I am at the hairdressers.  Don’t you just love the decorating?





me haircut

I finally got to the hairdressers!  Yeah! Dani in Dutton. She is the best hair cutter I have found.  So I think I am looking better, and of course the blur does not hurt either. HA.

I have made a little nativity set.  Plain and perhaps modern.


I am going to teach a little class to make these. It was fun and easy with the help of Mr. Cricket.


This guy was circling our yard when we were outside yesterday.  I am sure he did not think that I was a candidate for dinner.  But you never know about our little Abby.  She is a small, soft cat and we kept our eye on her.  Simon our boy would not be a candidate either.  He is heavy and squirmy and weighs too much. Steve said the hawk would bring him back real quick.

Well this week we have been taking self portraits for “Be Your Own Beloved”  I have been using the timer on my camera, with the tripod.  This afternoon Mr. Cricket and I were sitting on the bench in the backyard and here are the results.  You never know just what is going to happen during the time lapse.


Tsk Tsk Mr. Cricket!!!!!


Look who came for a visit

When I returned from church on Sunday, look who was at the end of the driveway.  My old friend the hawk.  He was looking for dinner, and I was looking at him.  He is beautiful don’t you think?

I am working on a new piece of slow cloth.  This one is an old dresser scarf with wide lace around it.  I cut it in half and am working on it with embroidery cotton.  When I am done I will add a little something to the bottom.  However, it is a work in progress.  I love to make these cloths.  They come alive in your hands.

Sunday Afternoon Visitor

This afternoon, I took these photos of a visitor in the Maple tree.  I have seen him before and I have photographed him many times.  He is quite majestic and beautiful, as well quite a threat to the other wildlife in our backyard.  He certainly does not mind me taking his photo and he lets me get up close.