Interactive Art Journal Starter’s Kits Complete

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The studio has been a buzz this week as we prepare to roll out the starter kits for our Interactive Art Journal.

What we mean when we say "Interactive Art Journal"

Creating a spread in an art journal has been restricted to one page.  If you wanted to add any interactive elements, you created your work on a separate tag or page and then came up with a way to attach them to your page spread.

With our interactive art journals, each page is a series of work surfaces that unfold to reveal other work surfaces  The interactivity of our art journals allows you to move from the one page spread to being able to create dynamic and dimensional spreads.  We call it “Art Journaling in Series”.



How it works

What makes Interactive Art Journaling exciting is that you can explore and expand on your ideas in a series.  Think of it as visual story-telling in stages.  See the video below to view my first series in my own journal for an example.




How you choose to develop your own series is entirely up to you. There are no rules to Interactive Art Journaling in Series.  You can choose to create a spread around a prompt, a quote, color, or shape.  

For example, I chose to play with the saying "April showers bring May Flowers".  I took advantage of the way that some of the work surfaces were folded in and hidden.  When you open up the series and begin unfolding all of the work surfaces, it exposes more of the story.  

I will posting more examples of series that I create in my own Interactive Art Journal as I complete them.


Three sizes offered

There are three sizes of Interactive Art Journals offered on our Etsy site.  The largest journal consists of 10 series with at least 5 work surfaces per series.  Our mid-sized journal has 6 series, and now we are offering a one page Interactive Art Journaling Starter Kit.


Starter Kits

The Interactive Art Journaling Starter Kits are a great place to start.  Included is an interactive page that consists of two series (one on each side of the page).  The first series has six work surfaces and the second series has seven work surfaces.  The page measures 5x7 inches, and it comes in an envelope for storing.   These starter kits will be available on Etsy shortly.



Art Journal Starter kit series one folded

Interactive Art Journaling Starter kit. Series One, folded

Art Journal Starter kit series 2, unfolded

Interactive Art Journaling Starter Kit. Series two, unfolded.

Art Journal Starter kit series 1, unfolded

Interactive Art Journaling Starter Kit. Series One, unfolded.

Have a great week!


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