Interactive Art Journal

Art Journal Open Page
With most journals on the market, you need to do some surgery to get them to perform as an art journal. Thin pages need to be strengthened to handle layers of wet media, and often you need to remove pages to make room for your work. But not with our Interactive Art Journal.

I have designed a hassle-free art journal that arrives ready to go. No more gluing, or clipping pages, and you can spend more of your time creating.

As well as being hassle-free, this art journal has interactive components that are sure to elevate your art journaling experience.

Features of Interactive Art Journal:

  • 140 lb watercolor paper work surfaces suitable for watercolor, mixed media, drawing and ink applications.
  • pages that can handle multiple layers of paint and collage without warping.
  • custom binding that allows every page to lay flat so you can work on the entire surface easily.
  • pages made from heavy cardstock that can fold and unfold without tearing.
  • interactive pages.
  • covers made with primed canvas, left blank so that you can customize it with your own artwork

What makes it interactive?

We call this journal an interactive art journal because each page is a series of work surfaces bound together, that unfold to reveal your spread. It’s like having a couple of pages to each page in the journal.

There are also pockets in between some of the pages that you can use to hold tags, photos, notes and whatever else.

Watch: YouTube video of one of our Interactive Art Journals

A brand-new approach to the art journal spread

Like chapters in a book, each page can be utilized to tell a story in a series of stages. You can use the unique layout to detail your ideas from beginning, middle and end.

Here is an example of “Art Journaling in Series”.

Another benefit of the interactivity of our pages is that you can focus on one subject and use the various work surfaces to approach the subject from different perspectives. You can choose to use this journal as an artist’s journal. For example, you might choose to focus on painting a rose. You can use the different work surfaces on the page to depict a rose from different angles or simply work on repeating the image to improve your skills.

pink roses journal spread
artist journal spread of pink roses

As well as creating a spread in series, you can choose to create one large spread that spans over the various work surfaces and determine what is shown initially. You can use the layout to hide and reveal elements of your spread. It adds an element of surprise.

You can find our Interactive Art Journals in the shop!

art journal in series example
“The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs” journaling in series example.
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