Interactive Art Journal

Interactive Art Journal: Specifically designed to be an art journal, mixed media journal

Large Interactive Art Journal
Close up of one of our interactive pages.

Features of our Interactive Art Journal:

  • pages are made of heavy watercolor paper, making it the best art journal for mixed media, watercolor and ink.
  • pages can handle multiple layers of paint and collage without buckling.
  • every page is made of several work surfaces that unfold and expand from the page; providing the interactive component of our journal
  • we use a custom binding that allows each page to lay flat so you can work the entire surface without having to alter the journal.
  • pages are built with colored cardstock that allows the work surfaces to fold without tearing.
  • available in different sizes,  and at different price points in our Etsy shop

Every page consists of several workable surfaces that unfold and expand from the page 

“Your life isn’t one-dimensional and your art journal shouldn’t be either.”

Open page of art journal
Expanded pages in one of our 6″x 6″ Interactive Art Journals for sale on Etsy

Rather than being limited to a single page, you have the freedom to explore your ideas across a series connected work surfaces.

Think of each page as a book, and the work surfaces are the chapters.

We call it “Art Journaling in Series”.