Living with my inner critic

Abstract flower painting with caption Shine on little light of mine

Abstract Flower paining with quote "Shine on little light of mine"     I’m going to be honest with you.  Posting my art on the blog and onto social media can be an exercise in exposure therapy.  I get anxious about sharing my art, and it seems as soon as I hit the little “Publish” button my inner critic starts dissecting my work.

I think social media is a great thing. We can connect and share life experiences with people a world away.

The down side to all this connectivity is that a part of our self esteem is tied in to the number of likes and followers that we get when we post. I know for myself, I can get almost obsessive about checking my stats on my posts and I feel deflated when I don’t seem to reach many other users. Also with access to endless images of other artist’s work, it draws out my inner critic as I compare my work to theirs.

The inner critic resides in all of us.  I was watching an interview with Dina Wakley on YouTube and she spoke of her own initial fears of not creating work “good enough” (which was actually really encouraging to hear).

Abstract flower painting with caption Shine on little light of mine     Oh that inner critic! She is quick to point out my flaws and cast doubt. She asks “Do you really think your art is good enough?”, and she creeps in when I find myself feeling brave.  I don’t think I will ever make her go away for good.

I’ve been thinking about how to silence my inner critic for some time now.  But I’ve decided that perhaps silencing her completely is a lofty and impossible goal.  Maybe rather than trying to silence her, I need to learn how to turn down the volume on her rants, and I would be better served developing a stronger, opposing voice from within to speak with encouragement and that contradicts the critic.

So that is what I’m going to focus on moving forward.

How to you deal with your inner critic?  Please share any stories, inspiration or ideas in a comment.  I’d love to hear your opinion.

Have a wonderful week.


2 Replies to “Living with my inner critic”

  1. The piece you created here is lovely and uplifting!
    Back in 2007 when I began blogging my desire was just to share what I enjoyed and that was creating things.
    It was wonderful finding so many like minded people.
    When that little voice starts niggling I remind myself that if I am having fun than that is enough.
    We can never please everyone so just pleasing ourselves for starters seems good to me.
    Playing a little each day makes me happy.
    Thank you for sharing…you got me thinking and it is kind of hard to express exactly what I’m thinking.

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