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Our journals were made to be used as an art journal

Searching for the best art journal?

Most sketchbooks and journals on the market were never made to be used as an art journal. The pages are thin, and they buckle under layers of paint and collage. To overcome this issue requires spending time gluing pages together, and removing some of the pages to accommodate your work.

But our art journals were made to be used as art journals. Pages and work surfaces are constructed from heavy watercolor paper or chipboard, able to handle multiple layers of paint, collage, and all kinds of mixed media. You can use our journals as a watercolor journal, mixed media journal, or sketch journal.

Also, the custom binding of our journals allows for thick applications without having to make room yourself. Plus, each page lays flat so that you can easily cover the entire surface of the page without having to use clips.

You can spend your time creating without the hassle of trying to make a journal that works for your needs.


Our art journals are the best art journals

Our first style is our signature Interactive Art Journal.

This art journal is comprised of work surfaces and pockets that are bound together, and that unfold to be revealed. Read more about the Interactive Art Journal.

Our second art journal removes any anxiety about creating in your journal.

This mixed media journal comes with heavy chipboard work surfaces separate from the journal pages. You can create your art and then decide whether to put it in your journal. Having separate work surfaces also allows you to work freely, moving around your spread and adding drippy and tippy techniques.Read more about the “Give it All You Got” journal.

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