Our Approach

“Nurture your creative freedom.

Be brave, wild, and daring.

Detach from fear or hesitation,

And always arrive with self-compassion.”

– Crimson Cricket philosophy

Spend your time working in your art journal, rather than making your journal work for you.


Handmade, high-quality art journals

With their smooth, heavy pages and custom binding, you can use our journals for mixed media, watercolor, sketch or collage.
Your journal arrives ready-to-go, without the hassle of having to alter pages. Plus, the cover is a blank canvas, so you can customize your journal with your own masterpiece.
Crimson Cricket Art Journals come in two styles; the Interactive Art Journal, and the “Give It All You Got” chipboard journal. Both styles solve common problems with other journals on the market, and elevate the art journal spread.

Limitless creativity in our Interactive Art Journals

We call this art journal interactive because pages are built with work surfaces that unfold and expand from the center of the page. These interactive pages provide a brand new approach to the art journal spread. Plenty of opportunity to flex your creative muscle!

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Lose the anxiety with our “Give it all you got” chipboard journals

Do you have trouble starting in a new journal?

Do you feel limited working in a journal?

Our “Give it all you got” chipboard journal arrives with chipboard work surfaces separate from the journal. You can use all your favorite techniques usually reserved for tags and ATC’s.
When you’re happy with your spread, you can add it to your journal.

Not happy with your piece? No worries. Each journal comes with 12 work surfaces (10 pages in the journal) so you can select which pieces to add to your journal. Additional chipboard work surfaces are available for purchase.

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