Interactive Art Journal

Hassle-free art journals that arrive ready to go!

Spend your time working in your art journal, rather than trying to make your journal work for you.

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Features of Interactive Art Journal:

  • 140 lb watercolor paper work surfaces suitable for watercolor, mixed media, drawing and ink applications.
  • Pages that can handle multiple layers of paint and collage without warping.
  • Custom binding that allows for each page to lay flat, and with enough room for thicker work.
  • Pages made from heavy cardstock that can fold and unfold without tearing.
  • Interactive pages.
  • Covers made with primed canvas, left blank so that you can customize it with your own artwork.
  • Pockets between the pages and additional inserts to create on.
  • Graphic paper on the outsides of work surfaces.


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Interactive Art Journal page example 1
Interactive Art Journal page example 2
collection of Interactive Art Journals

What makes it an interactive art journal?

We call this journal an interactive art journal because there are pages with extensions that unfold from the center of the page to reveal more work surface to create your art on.

This interactivity opens up brand new possibilities on how you create your art journal spread.

For example, interactive pages can be used to tell a story in a series of stages. You can use the unique layout to detail you ideas from beginning, middle, and end. List chapters in a book, your spread unfolds and you select how your story is revealed.

Watch this video of an Interactive Art Journal to see the pages in action

The Interactive Art Journal comes in 2 sizes, and with 6 or 10 pages.


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